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Fertility Services

A Fertility Doula is a person who can help couples through the process of trying to conceive, help with better understanding your cycle, if you are going through fertility treatments, or if you would like to better understand fertility options. Fertility support can also encompass holistic care options as well, complimentary support for body, mind and soul, such as movement, exercise, meditations, nutrition and supplements.

Fertility Doula 

It can be hard to navigate the endless possibilities when it comes to fertility. Whether that is Natural Family Planning methods, understanding your cycle, coming off of the birth control pill, navigating the world of fertility treatments, or understanding the many other options to grow your family. A fertility doula can help you navigate those options, give education, emotional and physical support and help you advocate for yourself. Some things a fertility doula can help with are: understanding medical and non medical options for fertility treatment, preparing for provider visits, answering questions, education of options, options for complimentary support for body and mind that supplement medical care.

There are several options for support and each one is tailored to your individual needs. Each option includes : Unlimited email and text support, help in creating a plan of action, education on options, and emotional support.

Package options

4 week sessions- $ 400

8 week sessions- $ 625

12 week sessions-$ 925

The more weeks booked the more money is saved